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How much does it cost to get AutoCAD certified ?

You can get the quote on the price of certification exams from your testing centres or you can also purchase exam vouchers from Certiport or from the Autodesk website directly. The exam generally costs between 90 to 200 USD but the price varies depending on your location.

The course is entirely online and self-paced, and students are given up to 2 years to complete the program- but most students finish in somewhere between 6-8 months. Purchase and schedule your exam.

Is it worth it to get AutoCAD certification?

Autodesk Certification can help you succeed in your design career – providing benefits to both you and your employer. A reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, Autodesk Certification can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility in your field.

How hard is it to get AutoCAD certification?

Depending on your career path, the exam is between 30 and 50 questions. The minimum requirement for an AutoDesk certification is 150 hours of experience in AutoCAD software, with expert programs requiring a higher time commitment of up to 1,200 hours of experience and beyond.

Can you get certified in AutoCAD?

Stand out from the competition with an Autodesk credential. Our industry-recognized Professional Certification tells employers you are proficient in AutoCAD design and drafting skills.

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