About us

The purpose of this blog “CADkours.com” is to offer readers with the background knowledge and information they require to solve frequent practical problems associated with the CAD industry. The website has a number of articles that are associated with Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and 3D MAX as well as other products such as Solidworks, Sketchup, and a great deal more.

Each article features a series of questions, as well as answers in the form of useful and in-depth explanations on how to carry out particular activities. They also offer screenshots or photographs, in addition to connections to extra resources, to ensure that the readers will have no difficulty carrying out other actions once they have finished reading the articles. The articles are organized into a variety of categories, including “Block,” “Dimension,” and “Layer,” amongst others.

People who desire to learn or master CAD software, particularly AutoCAD, and quickly locate the solution to the question they are seeking for will find the how-to articles valuable. The readers may either go through the many categories to see if there is an article that relates to their question, or they can use the search bar located at the very top to perform a keyword search.

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